1. The organizational model developed in CHROMED allowed to get reliable data from, in average, more than 90% of the monitoring days, a very good result compared to similar smaller studies.


  1. The system was very well accepted by patients and the drop-off rate as well as the number of good quality measurements of lung mechanics was high when compared to other telemedicine trial in COPD.


  1. CHROMED clearly demonstrated that FOT can be successfully used for unsupervised monitoring of lung function, providing the first method for assessing lung mechanics outside the Pulmonary Function Test Laboratories and opening new opportunities for the diagnosis and management of lung diseases.


  1. A subgroup analysis with a well-balanced groups size revealed that patients that were hospitalized the year before the study are responsible for 60% of the hospital admissions and 73% of the hospitalization days. When limiting the analysis of this group of patients, a statistically significant reduction of the hospitalization rate was found the monitored and treated with the CHROMED platform group, suggesting that telemonitoring of elderly COPD patients is effective only when applied on a selected group of severe patients.


  1. The application of CHROMED in the EU healthcare services on the selected group of patients could lead to massive savings and better optimization of healthcare resources.


CHROMED innovation and project results will be object of scientific publications in the next two years.